Natural herbs and spices have now been utilized for medicinal purposes and also to flavour food since prior to the penned term.

Natural herbs and spices have now been utilized for medicinal purposes and also to flavour food since prior to the penned term.

Natural herbs and spices have now been utilized for medicinal purposes and also to flavour food since prior to the penned term.

Urban myths and Legends About Herbs and Spices

Compiled by: Donna Bogren

Written on: 14, 2020 july

Historically, they certainly were high priced and scarce commodities which were maybe not generally speaking utilized by the person that is average. Natural herbs and spices had been discovered by explorers, exchanged and taken. Wars were fought over them.

Natural herbs and spices have already been employed for medicinal purposes also to flavour meals since prior to the penned term. Historically, these were costly and scarce commodities which were perhaps not generally speaking utilized by the person that is average.

Natural herbs and spices had been found by explorers, stolen and traded. Wars were battled over them. Now that they’re generally speaking cheap as well as in wide usage, exactly what do we truly know concerning the natural herbs into the kitchen? Yes, basil and tomatoes taste great together, but basil had been as soon as additionally considered to be with the capacity of preventing dragons. Each natural herb or spice hasn’t just a history, it is related to urban myths, folklore and legends.


Indigenous kinds of basil are observed throughout Asia, Africa, and Central and south usa.

It had been possibly very first cultivated in Asia, where it was considered a sacred herb linked with love and faithfulness. Basil flowers are now and again grown within the domiciles of Hindus to create the household joy.

A basil leaf hidden with someone ended up being considered their passport to paradise. The phrase “basil” comes from the Greek term for “king,” a reference to its royal fragrance. Alexander the Great might have brought basil to Greece, where it absolutely was as soon as thought scorpions would reproduce under pots associated with herb that is growing. Ancient Romans called the natural herb “basiliscus”, a reference to your basilisk, a tremendously tough and dangerous dragon that could destroy an individual by taking a look at him. Eating basil had been regarded as a protection out of this dragon, in addition to a cure for poison. The Romans also linked basil to love and fertility. The call that is french “herbe royale.” Medieval Europeans thought it to be a sorcerer’s natural herb. Basil has a link aided by the Holy Cross.

A legend that is christian it that the actual Cross had been discovered under growing basil. In accordance with Father Mark regarding the weblog Vultus Christi (see Resources below), “Basil flowers had been reputed to have sprang up during the root of the Cross where dropped the Precious bloodstream of Christ in addition to rips associated with the Mother of Sorrows.

A sprig of basil had been thought to were discovered growing through the lumber associated with the real Cross.”

But to exhibit that basil does not play favourites, additionally, it is related to Erzulie, a voodoo love goddess worshipped in Haiti. Italians consider basil as a symbol of love. In Romania, if a sprig is accepted by a man of basil from a female, these are typically involved.


There are 2 types of cinnamon. Cinnamomum zeylanicum is named true cinnamon and is indigenous to Sri Lanka, previously Ceylon. One other is through the cassia tree, which grows in Vietnam, Asia, Indonesia and Central America. Here is the cinnamon utilized in united states. It really is more bitter than Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon ended up being utilized in ancient medicine that is chinese the treating temperature, diarrhea and menstrual issues. It had been additionally utilized as incense in Chinese temples. Whenever the Egyptians discovered it, cinnamon was a part of their embalming procedure. Its oil ended up being utilized in ancient Hebrew anointing rituals.

In biblical times, cinnamon had been utilized as a perfume, a spice and also to treat indigestion. When you look at the dark ages, Arabs brought cinnamon along with other spices from Asia to Egypt on caravan trade tracks. They concocted tales to cover the foundation regarding the cinnamon to justify its cost and scarcity. The cinnamologus that is mythical originated with this training. The Arabs stated that the bird made its nests of cinnamon sticks in Arabia, however they did not understand from where the bird brought them. Acquiring the cinnamon needed dislodging the birds from their perilous, cliffhanging nests by different means that are heroic. In the very beginning of the dark ages, Pliny the Elder penned that 350 grms of cinnamon had been worth 5,000 grms of silver. Just the rich and effective had usage of the spice. In 65 A.D., Roman Emperor Nero is believed to have burnt a year’s method of getting cinnamon at their spouse’s funeral, perhaps in remorse for having caused her death.

Cinnamon ended up being as soon as utilized to aid preserve meat, also to mask the odour of the ageing. Cinnamon, along side grape vines and ivy, is a sacred plant of Dionysus, the Greek god of ecstasy.

The Phoenix, the bird that increases from the ashes in mythology, uses cinnamon, myrrh and spikenard to create the fire that is magic which it really is reborn. Medicinally, cinnamon has been utilized in the past or any other as a fix for coughs and sore throats; when it comes to common cold and flu; for uterine dilemmas; as well as for exactly what 12th century German abbess/herbalist Hildegard of Bingen called “inner decay of slime.” The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was well-known for her usage of seductive natural oils and scents, with no question employed cinnamon oil in her own toolbox. It has received its uses in love potions also.

Dill originated from Central Asia and it is frequently now brought in from Egypt, other Mediterranean nations or Eastern Europe. The variety grown in India is less pungent, therefore beware if after an recipe that is indian less dill is required. Its title originated in the Old Norse word “dilla,” meaning “to soothe” or “to lull.” Ancient Egyptian physicians used dill as a aid that is digestive as did conventional Chinese doctors, specifically for kids. Dill water produced from steeping the seeds ended up being utilized to help relieve colic in babies, because it has properties that are anti-gsince as well to be a mild sedative. In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, dill had been considered to be a sign of wide range, also being understood for its recovery properties.

Burnt dill seeds had been placed on the wounds of soldiers to foster recovery, since it is an antiseptic, inhibiting growth that is bacterial. Dill fronds might have been put throughout the eyes at to help one sleep night. Talmudic documents reveal that dill ended up being valuable adequate to be tithed.

In medieval times, dill ended up being both found in witchcraft, particularly by burning it to clouds that are clear thunderstorms. so that as security from witchcraft. A charm created from dill leaves or bunches of dill hung by the hinged home had been the treatment. Consuming dill water had been additionally considered effective in getting rid of a witch’s spell.

Other uses that are past including it to wine to generate passion, or washing on it in order to become irresistible to a single’s paramour. Dill had been brought because of the colonists towards the “” new world “”. They used water that is dill a folkloric fix for colic, cough, indigestion, gasoline, stomachache and sleeplessness, also jaundice, haemorrhoids, scurvy and hiccups. Kiddies had been given dill seeds to chew to sooth them during long sermons, resulting in the moniker “meetin’ seeds.”

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